Still Here!

Our empty nest is not so bad. It is really not that much different, to be honest, because Mollie had not spent all that much time at home this summer anyhow. It has been very busy what with being back to work and exercising and helping cb with the party he gave yesterday for some of his students in the PSTP program. We spent the day shopping for food and cooking and preparing the dinner, so very distracting. And having to prepare a talk for the support group this coming Wednesday also took up some time, which did not leave much left over for brooding. I think I got all my tears out before she left and on our way home. I had been stressing out about it all summer, having no idea how I was to cope, but I seem to be coping ok now that a few days have passed. More ups about Donald Trump than about Mollie being in college. Of course it was helpful that she sounds great on the phone and that she did not contact us yesterday. We will call her because she is starting her classes tomorrow. I think she will like the classes she chose. She has a beautiful single room in a new dorm which is in fact named “New Dorm,” which I assume has got to be tongue in cheek, although that really is its official name. I finished her quilt on time, so got to see how it looked on her bed, which was very nice. Woody and Max actually came to Bryn Mawr the Tuesday we took her there, we all stayed overnight in the Radnor Hotel, and the five of us had dinner out, walked three miles to an ice cream place, then walked back to hotel, then the next day all dropped Mollie off at her dorm, and while the guys went and got her a couple of fans and a rack for hanging drying clothing, I helped her unpack and set up her room, and then we had lunch at Erdman, a dorm where cb used to live when he was at Haverford (they were allowed in the Bryn Mawr room lottery), and then the boys went back to NY and cb and I drove back to Pittsburgh. Having Woody and Max there was a real treat and made the time more bearable, but seeing them go was very sad, as it always is.

But it was not really an empty nest – Catja was waiting for us.

I was pretty bereft on Thursday and at work on Friday, but seem to have perked up a bit. For the first time since my injury several weeks ago, I rode my bike (yesterday) and went to the exercise class at Shape Training, and i actually ran three and a half miles today, something that I avoided since injury since I was afraid running would be too jarring to brachial plexis, which was injured during that fateful fall. And now that I am done with both preparing and practicing the talk, I can just relax for the rest of the day. It is already six, but that gives me a few hours, and I do look forward to going to work tomorrow, and going for my personal training on T and W, and there are two parties to go to next weekend and Rosh Hashanah the week after.

Things are very busy, which is great.

And cb just got home from work – was at his office all day today! And he had a miserable time going through some data.

We will have to call Mollie to cheer him up!

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