The Walking Wounded

If only i had not gone back to get the water bottle I had left on the rock formation, this never would have happened. I had just found two four leaf clovers side by side about a half hour before, also. Some, and I am among them, would say that I am lucky. I should have been forewarned when Shannon emerged from the woods, limping, after twisting her ankle on the thick bumpy tree roots that served as stairs on the way down to the “Little Niagara Falls,” an Eden-like hideaway we decided to hike to on our penultimate day in Pleasant Mount.

I told myself I would just be very careful and would not trip over the roots. And I did not! First the group of us heard, and then we saw the bubbling waterfalls under the canopy of the tops of ancient gnarled trees, several levels of them, streaming over slabs of slate rock. You could travel across these slabs by stepping onto the drier, less slippery areas, which is of course what I did, carrying my bottle of water and cell phone. I was very very careful. Woody had not joined the rest of us – he was back at the house resting his foot, which he had injured a day or two before. However, He had come to get Shannon and Max after Shannon’s accident. So it was just Harry, Buddha, Curtis, Jenna, Mollie, cb and I going from rock to rock. mollie and I sat on a rock formation, taking in the cool air and the view, and trying to get some good photos with our cell phones. Then we all began photographing each other in groups of twos and threes – Mollie and cb, Mollie and I, Mollie, Jenna and I, Curtis, Buddha, Harry and Jenna. We were about to head out when I noticed I had left my bottle of water on the rock formation where Mollie and I had been sitting, so – carefully – I went back to get it, not wanting to be a litterer. Just doin’ the right thing, ya know?

On my way back from those rocks, bottle and phone in hand, I suddenly felt myself tripping over my own feet so fast there was barely time to register what was happening before my chin struck one of the slate slabs so hard that my entire head vibrated. As my peops all ran toward me, I had already started getting up. I had not lost consciousness. My ears and jaw throbbed and rang with a terrifying intensity – I realized I was wailing: “Ohh. Ohh. Ohh!” I felt like crying but did not cry. I have TMJ and wondered what the fuck I had done to myself this time. My palms were covered in blood, which I realized was dripping from my chin. It seemed I had partly broken the fall with my hands and knees – my left palm especially. I wondered aloud if my cell phone was ok, even as a family of strangers was asking me if I was. cb assured me the phone was fine, with a bit of expansion of the already existing crack. On the hike back to our place, which I was able to do just fine, although very very shaken up, Curtis and then cb each gave me a section of paper towel they happened to be carrying with them in their respective pockets. When we got back to house I examined chin – there was a laceration that kept oozing blood – it needed either sutures or steristrips, and cb and Mollie drove half an hour out and back to get some, and I showered and cleaned up the best I could while they wee gone, then cb performed minor surgery and put my chin back together with Nu Skin and steristrips.

Now I am a member of the (barely) walking wounded. We just got back from our almost perfect vacation Sunday (go back to work tomorrow). I have a healing contusion on left palm and steristrips are off – cb did a great job – coulda been a plastic surgeon! For a reason I have not yet determined, I am left with the after effect of searing and intense pain over entire left ribcage, worse with moving or breathing (!). Pain so very intense, and intensified further as I took a walk today, I actually took two very old leftover Vicodins today which I hate doing because of the resulting inevitable constipation – nsaids kill stomach and plain tylenol wasn’t doing the trick. Vicodin takes edge off. This pain is about a 7 or 8 out of ten, worse when I take a deep breath. The jaw hurts a lot a lot a lot if I chew down the wrong way, or even the way i usually do, so in past few days I have had to slow down chewing and not bite hard into things, which may be a good thing because maybe it means I am eating less. Anyhow, on the vacation I exercised but nowhere near enough to compensate for huge amount of food I consumed, and have not yet weighed self and WW weigh-in is on Thursday

If by Friday rib pain is no better I will get chest xray to make sure I did not fracture ribs or get a pneumothorax. I might have something like this because when I do take a deep breath, I feel a weird sort of crackling sensation within my left chest cavity. OMG, I sure gave myself one hell of a good wallop. It amazes me that one tiny little fall – although I suppose a slate slab would be considered a pretty formidable opponent – could cause so much damage. And how someone of my advanced age weathers such a seemingly minor incident so poorly. The prospect of getting even older is pretty daunting, given my clumsiness and tendency to fall in the best of times, despite all the work with trainers I have done in order to prevent such eventualities. Wishful thinking. My clumsiness may well be my undoing, although we never know for sure what will get us in the end.

I cannot even imagine how horrible it must be for survivors of real trauma, the kind of trauma that Stu Wang sees -and treats! – on a daily basis.

I just discovered that Shannon hurt her other foot and ankle as she, Woody and Max headed back to NYC because our car door closed on it or something.

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