Last Day In The Mountains

We have had absolutely perfect weather all week, and but for one thing, it has been an absolutely perfect, dream (the good kind) week. We all got along, no blow ups or major drama, yotta yotta yaffs, all doing what we wanted separately and together. I got to be with my gorgeous, fabulous fam, my fave peops in the whole world, for a whole entire week, starting off with the Goshen and Kindred Farm trip. But today is our last day and tomorrow we all head off on our individual ways: the boys and Shannon to Manhattan by bus; Curtis and his fam here for one more week then back to work; and us back to Pittsburgh and the stresses (cb is the one with the most stress) that await. I have already booked a week back in the house for next summer, hoping for good health and safety for all of us till and beyond then. Ten days would be better but not sure we will all be able to do this – asking the owner of house if this would work! The house is just fabulous. Could not be in a better location. It is not expensive. It has two floors, two full sizable bathrooms, a huge dining room table, a big kitchen, three full bedrooms and other places to sleep, a big living room with netflix tv downstairs, wifi, a patio, a pond replete with frogs, a huge field with a path leading into the woods to a great trail. It is only three miles from Unc’s house. The place is uncluttered, not dusty, big windows, contemporary design. The guys who own the place are a couple who live right down the road in a magnificent home on a grassy knoll with lots of trees. They also own the best store in the town of Honesdale – Milkweed – which carries all sorts of wonderful and novel things – clothing, kites, kitchen and home utilitarian and decorative items, quilts, toys, cards, and lots of other things. We have gone for walks, runs, shopping trips, and done a lot of cooking. We had a birthday party for Max last night (not quite his bd yet). I have just about finished quilt except for the final touches. mended clothes I had in a mending pile for a year. Jenna who is in process of becoming certified as a yoga instructor led two long yoga sessions and was by far the best yoga instructor I have ever encountered, mostly because she is completely free of the customary affectations that most yoga teachers seem to possess. Of course reading and sleeping and just hanging out and joking around made the trip complete. And I have gotten to thrice blog!

Of course the one thing that has gotten in the way of perfection is the fact that I have consistently eaten weigh too much and will be up in weight upon arrival home. Weigh-in on Thursday will not be pretty, if I even get on scale at WW. It will be pay the piper time. I must say, though, there has been no bingeing at all, mostly just big meals, and desserts, but not enormous desserts. I have been exercising daily and tracking calories daily – about 1700 to 2000 – This is good, but what is bad is that even with 10000 steps a day, calorie burn is so much less than even last year that this will be enough for a several pound weight gain. Do I feel it? And how! In the entire midsection. Not enjoying eating would be a sad option so let chips (as long as not in my mouth – potato or corn – although available I did not eat!) fall where they may.

Tonight we are making our annual foray to Thompson to the ice cream place whose name escapes me. I so hope it is still there! They have a marvelous peanut butter chocolate flavor that is to die for and I get in a sugar cone with chocolate sprinkles. The Last Hurrah!

Off to Jenna’s for a run, then later a big walk to a little mini niagara falls. I will sooooo miss it here!

We will get a photo of all of us. Soon all this will just be a beautiful series of memories.

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