Taking A Little Break

So as my readers who are on facebook already know, the bunnies died. We did get them to a person who brought them to the wildlife center where injured and/or orphaned wild animals are cared for until ready to be released into the wilderness, and they lived for a short while, but ultimately did succumb, probably consequent to injuries inflicted by our own Catja – infection or bleeding or irreversible organ damage of one sort or another. But at least the two litter mates got to meet each other and bond and cuddle against each other. Such perfect little creatures, such brief, sad little lives. I am heartbroken and also mad at Catja, even though I know she cannot help it, it is the natural order of things, and even though it is our fault for letting her continue to be an outdoor cat once her care was transferred to us five years ago. We could have made her stay inside, but we did not.


First thing tomorrow morning, Mollie, cb and I will hop into the minivan and begin the drive to Pleasant Mount, PA, for our one week summer sojourn with family. Both boys will be there, and Shannon, too, and of course Curtis, Jenna, Harry and Buddha. We leave Catja behind – bringing cats along on vacation seems like it would be really tricky – she would not get what was going on and would be likely to just run away. Plus, no pets allowed in the house we are renting. Mollie will not be complaining, but I think she is ambivalent about going away – from Pittsburgh and her boyfriend of the past six months – especially since she just has a few precious weeks left before we take her to Bryn Mawr.

It will be the first time in 25 years we have not had at least one child in day care or public school. That is quite a thought. I am very happy to not have to worry about what draconian measures the Pittsburgh Board of Education will dream up next. When the boys were little, it was a good school system, but since then, there have been so many cuts and of course the destruction wrought by the Who Else Can We Kick in the Behind Act. These thoughts somewhat assuage the sadness that wells up on a daily basis when I contemplate a Mollie-less house. But, as she reassures us, she will be coming home “at least every six weeks” because of all the school breaks she gets.

Even now, so many years after the boys left home, I often miss them terribly, although I am finally getting used to them not being here. They do a pretty good job of keeping us posted about what is going on with their lives, considering that they make sure to omit anything personal or revealing from our discussions. Every once in a while, we get thrown a small tidbit, but for harmony’s sake, the fewer the questions asked, the better. Readers who are also parents of a certain age will know exactly what I mean.

Also, in case you were wondering, guys are different. On a good day, I can barely get anything out of even cb, my loving, affectionate, dear and not in the least bit aloof husby of over 31 years. He just does not tell me much. Neither did my Dad tell my Mom much. It is just the way it is with guys. Then every once in a while, when you least expect it, they will spill their guts. Only for about five minutes, but something is better than nothing. Girls just communicate differently. It is a whole different way of existing, one that I,of course, prefer, and one which I think sometimes makes guys a little jealous and, frankly, pisses them off, because they feel left out, mostly because they just do not know how to join in our sorts of intense, involved, emotionally based discussions about subjects they know nothing about.

Mollie and I spend hours together chattering about everything and anything. Same thing with all the women I feel close to, but interestingly, even with women I am not close to. Things are just understood. It is much easier to chat with girls than with boys, always has been. In fact, despite what I just said about cb, he feels more comfortable in a group of girls than boys, and not only more comfortable, but prefers it. He says the conversations are more interesting. He’s got that right! So even though cb does not communicate in exactly the same way I do – he does not emote, for example, not ever – I have never seen him cry in the whole time I have known him – which is not something he could say about me – I feel extremely comfortable telling him anything. I can’t really explain this comfort level. It is just very nice to be in love with your best friend. He does really try to get what I am talking about, and I believe he does a pretty good job.

Sunday, we are all going to take a day trip to Goshen, which is about a two hour drive from Pleasant Mount, to visit some of my relatives who still go up there in the summers. Not sure how much time they actually spend there each year. In a couple of prior posts, I wrote about Kindred Farm, the place purchased and named by my grandfather and his siblings in the 1940’s. My Gramma sold her share, but a lot of the offspring of my Grampa’s siblings still own the original homes. I hope cb and the kids all come along, but I know Curtis and I are going.

Since I spent the last few days catching up on paperwork, emails, phone calls to patients and tying up all sorts of loose ends, which I managed to finish, or pretty nearly, I will be able to do vacation-type things this next week – visit, exercise, read, cook, finish Mollie’s quilt which I am bringing along with me – all that remains is the binding – and getting in a few blog posts. All this will be very nice.

My feet are throbbing – could use massage – because my step count today was about 22 thousand. That is a lot of steps.

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