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My last night in Boston and home tomorrow late afternoon, if my plane is on time (at least it is a direct flight) and does not crash or experience any other unfortunate glitches. I have pretty much enjoyed my time here, and the conference. Very intense conference – ended at 8 tonight. From six something to 8, there was a last workshop which I have not attended in the past – too much – and had not intended to go to tonight, but when I got off the elevator to go to dinner I realized the workshop was just about to begin so I decided to go. It was very good – challenging real cases presented by three obesity fellows, all women.

A couple of the talks in the past few days were somewhat annoying – boring or annoying speakers – but a lot of the conference was excellent. Also I ran into two peops I know – one was Kay Lovig, who was an endocrine fellow who rotated through my clinic at Magee who is done with fellowship and living in Mt Kisco and has a job there; so she grew up in Westchester, as did Lee Kaplan, who is the director of the course I am attending. Also I then ran into Erin Kershaw and we had lunch together and had a great time.

The Harbor is beautiful – a part of Boston I never saw. And for the past two mornings, which were perfect running weather, I ran to the Boston Common and Public Gardens, of Make Way For Ducklings fame, which i have always wanted to see, and they are beautiful. It is quite an active city, with a bar and grill on every corner and in between, and this great building on State Street, the Old State Building, with gold turret and gold lion and unicorn adorning top of building. Just beautiful. Original lion and unicorn were destroyed -burned – because they represented the British monarchy. But replaced recently. Anyway, I pass the building when I run. Many of the streets are cobblestone. I am staying at the upscale Long Wharf Marriott – Marriott has many quality tiers – we are elite members so in this hotel I get free wifi, although I think I would anyway because conference participants have an access code. But I have stayed at many different Marriott tiers – Springhill Suites, The Courtyard, some very big structure in Greenburg, NY, which was a fancier variety with a VIP penthouse where you could get snacks and a very special breakfast, The Fairfield Inn, and also this place. Racking up rewards points! Anyway, the Marriott is definitely a home away from home.

So Boston. It is really hopping. Much more so than the area around the Royal Sonesta, which I thought I would miss but this area is much more lively and interesting, although the crowds get to me after a while. Piped music, mimes, live musicians, acrobats, food vendors, bus tours, duck tours – they started in Boston and were brought to Pittsburgh by one of the founders who moved to Pittsburgh. A marketplace with crafts vendors and more food, restaurants galore. Which is why the food has to be really good, because there is so much competition. Interestingly, though, it does not seem to be all that diverse in these parts, it is for the wealthier crowd – restaurants are quite expensive, it is not a cheap city. Mostly Caucasian, twenty or thirty somethings who like going drinking.

Even though I feel at peace and content in Pittsburgh, I like visiting other cities. I like visiting NYC, and of course although I would not want to move back, I feel comfortable there because I know it so well. Boston, not so much. Is it because it is unfamiliar or because it just is not my style? The whole Harvard thing. It does not seem to be a warm, welcoming city somehow. New Yorkers are cranky sometimes, but they are not cold. The peops at the hotel and restaurants have generally been very nice. Maybe it is the conference folks. The directors of the program just are not all that friendly or approachable. Every year I think I should network more, but I have not been able to do it. I am most interested in interacting with the course directors, but of course they are very busy with orchestrating the conference and pretty overwhelmed. Most of the time, I am not that interested in spending time with the other attendees. Every once in a while there is someone who seems like someone I would want to know. Hm. Maybe i am the one who os not that welcoming or approachable!

Anyway, as always, I feel re-energized, being at this conference. Always get new very helpful information and ideas to bring back with me to Pittsburgh.

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