Happy Birthday To Me! Post

This year, April 30, 2015, falls on a Thursday, my usual admin/catch up day on which I do not ever have patients scheduled. Intentionally, I scheduled no meetings for today, nor did I schedule much of anything. All I had to do was get up early for appt with trainer, which had to be changed from W to today because trainer had a fire department interview yesterday, and then of course my WW meeting, which is every Thursday at 10 a.m. but I meet Robin at Starbucks before meeting, at about 9 ish and then walk over to meeting at about 9:30 for the weigh-in.

Wishes for this birthday are very simple and low expectation, because all o want is to just have day to myself, with no errands and as stress free as possible. Having day to self with no rushes or must-dos, that is something that hardly happens like hurricanes in Hartford, Hereford and Hampshire. Wow. Wishes fulfilled: 1. walk to and from WW meeting in overalls, my fave outfit besides pj’s, which I could do easily because no meetings afterwards which would have required car and work clothing. 2. Walk in warm weather, no precipitation – something that came as gift – rain and storms had been predicted for the entire day and not a drop has fallen yet, and of it did it would no longer matter cuz I am back home, and now in pj’s.
3. Got to begin annual search for, although not find yet, four leaf clover, due to not being in big rush on way to and from WW meeting. Seeking is almost as much fun as finding. 4. No weight gain at weigh in – this was big surprise, actually lost .8 lb, unexpected since scale at home had shown a slight gain from last week, but WW is the official weight, and # was happy birthday surprise! Also got to see all WW friends and Robin gave me a lovely card and some cat earrings, and a cat key ring and a cat chochke which I put on top of the case in the dining room where I keep cookbooks. 5. Nap – want more, but already napped a bit after my training this morning, and that was good. 6. Read! My MKSAP, for which I have unexpected reprieve! Thought all due July 31 but turns out for half of it, deadline is not till December 31!!! Will easily make July deadline for part A, no huge pressure, meaning I can also read for pure pleasure, which, at moment, means I can read more of my latest Alexander McCall Smith book, Emma, which is a modern retelling of Jane Austen’s original, and it is very cute so far. 7. Crossword puzzle – got to complete some, did as much as could, may go back to it later, but does not matter, did as much as wanted 8. Feel nap coming on – this is good because earlier, next door neighbors had workmen over hammering as if lives depended on it, working on roof. It is now 2:35, and quiet, and tho they may only be taking break, found earplugs and will lie on side with better ear and stop up both ears, but since left ear is worse one, earplug will be more effective in it so even if hammering resumes with vengeance, sufficient sound will be blocked, allowing a restful nap, when I am ready.

Altho some may think horrible to say, I turned off cell phone earlier today so I could nap and read without worrying about answering and checking messages during day. After all, it being my birthday does not mean I want to be on phone with well-wishers all day. Loving messages are very much appreciated and mean a lot to me; spending birthday on phone, which pretty much hate anyway, convos on phone, that is, is a really annoying prospect. I do realize that since many dearly loved ones live far away, phone calls fall within category of communication form closest to intimacy of face to face, but emails and text and even voice mails work really well on birthday. Because spending time on phone for birthday leaves no time for reading, exercise, MKSAP, blogging, napping. I love my friends and fam more than anything, but also need my space and alone time. Too much space and alone time is no good either, tho. I love peops, esp friends and fam, but I am very much in tune with need for solitude. Today is my really most selfish day. Best way for me to be with peops is to see peops face to face, which is often not possible due to time constraints on everyone’s part, even if distance is not in the equation. Between work and getting home late every night, there are so many demands on time and work requires so much intensity, focus and attention to others that I need to be refreshed by being away from peops altogether sometimes. Balance is hard to attain.

But the day has so far been exactly the way I wanted it!!!! Although totally low key, I planned it this way. Cannot believe how fast it is going.

Other wish would be to spend time with entire fam this weekend -Mollie, cb, Woody, Max and Shannon. Others would be nice, too, but the core group is what i would like most. Good news: Woody is coming to town tomorrow late because he is running in Sunday’s Marathon. He will prob want to spend Saturday resting and carb loading, so will possibly get to hang out with him a little. Mollie will come home right after school today, because, sprained ankle, crutches and all, she wants to make me dinner! And cb will be here. Will not be seeing Max or Shannon till two weeks from now. Which is sad. Have not seen Max since before xmas – has been way too many long months. He does not like to travel such a long distance for such a short time, and has little time to travel. Was unable to stop home during his spring break. Too busy still for months. But we will see him I. hope when we are in NY soon. I miss him yots & yots & somch. What is nice is that we got to see Woody a few weeks ago for Mollie’s bd, and this weekend which is an amazing treat. When they visit, though, it is tough in another way. I so happily anticipate their visits, but begin to miss them and become prematurely morose almost as soon as they walk in the door, with that first hug, because I know visit will end way too fast. And now that I am 61, well, visits are numbered. If I have good fortune to live to be 80, and all kids and husby stay healthy, too, it is well within realm of possibility that there might only be about 40 more occasions that we will all see each other, and prob not all together for any given occasion, except for major fam events.

But I will not let these grim cogitations and ruminations destroy what has so far been this perfect day!

Best part: no snow on birthday means we do not have to move down South anytime soon.

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2 Responses to “Happy Birthday To Me! Post”

  1. Lori Soop Says:

    Hi Vicki,

    I was on google researching a cottage to rent on Coxton Lake when I came upon your blog. Do you remember who you rented from? If so, could you email me contact information? I would greatly appreciate it.

    I also like your blog. I’m a RN in Upstate New York.

    Thank you again,


  2. Vicki Says:

    It was a few years ago. I cannot recall name of person. I will check old emails and see if I can find. A woman named Jan who is friend of my brother gave me the name. If ok with you, I will forward your email address to her.

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