Animoos and Annmoversaries

We are about to watch Appropriate Behavior on Amazon because this is a totally lazy day. It seemed not lazy – chock full of activities. And even getting up early at 7 a.m. in order not to have to rush and be able to have a nice relaxed breakfast – the most important meal of the day besides lunch and dinner – before going for manicure which by the way did not turn out so well, could have done a better job myself, which is not saying much, and my color and cut, and then rushing to gym and then rushing to PrepAbility.

That (above). was all yesterday. Got more done today that I had procrastinated about so feel vindicated!

Anyway, last night, we watched Appropriate Behavior because cb had read about it and it sounded good. It was an interesting sort of coming of age movie, I guess it would have to be categorized as that, with the protagonist who was played by an actress who also directed the film and wrote the screenplay, minimally evolving as a peop by the end of the movie. It was interesting as I said. Maybe a bit self-indulgent? Not a great movie, but definitely way better than the half hour of the movie I watched at the gym yesterday – The Vow. I agree with cb that it was a “B.”. The other option was Dear White People which maybe we will watch next. Also I would like to see that Morgan Spurlock movie “the greatest movie ever sold” which I just heard about on The Ted Radio Hour – listened wt gym today since movie of the day was a fast and furious movie, not my bag.

The other thing very fun we did last night was watch a documentary on cats and different breeds thereof. I may have mentioned that I have developed a disturbing allergy to Catja and perhaps all cats, who knows? We have not been able to let her sleep in the bedroom anymore. Every time she does, I sneeze throughout the entire next day, and even begin to feel a little tightness in chest which seems to be asthma-like, and I get very itchy eyes, even tho I take 12 hour ChlorTrimeton twice a day. So I added Singulair, which I forgot to take today, and sometimes Optivar eyedrops, which help the eye itching. Not that I never suffered from allergies before, but never did I have to worry about proximity to animoos! I love animoos! I do not want to have to deal with this at this point in my life! You would think allergies would get better as one got older, but I guess not.

Anyway, this movie about cats had different Canadian narrators speak about their particular species. Each narrator was a species specialist, it seemed, and traveled a lot with his/her cats, since they showed cats at cat shows, and would categorize each type of cat, in part, in terms of traveling ease or difficulty. All the handlers described their particular breed as “excellent” or “good” travelers. The cats were also distinguished by their activity levels, grooming maintenance requirements and something else, I think maybe loudness. A few of the cats would destroy your house if left “unattended.”. Who would want a cat like that? The longer haired cats required the most grooming. All cats discussed were “indoor cats” with the exception of being allowed outdoors on a leash or if supervised. This is in distinct contrast to the philosophy of Mrs. Phyllis Moretti, proud cat owner and across the street neighbor of my youth, whose spaghetti sauce and homemade Siciilan pizza were, btw, unparalleled, who also had an unparalleled capacity to infuriate my Mom, who upon finding yet another deposit from the Moretti cat on our lawn, thundered across the street to give Phyllis a piece of her mind about keeping the cat(s) and while she was at it, her kids, off our property. On one of these occasions, she informed my Mom that “cats are feee to wander.”.

Unforch, have become a cat owner like Mrs. Moretti, and others, who I used to disdain for their lack of consideration, a cat owner who allows her cat outside, weather permitting. For the simple reason that our cat, an inherited cat, was always an outdoor cat, adopted by a college student as a stray on the mean streets of Chicago, or so the conventional wisdom goes. When a cat has known the outdoors, I expect it must be torture to be forced to stay inside. Our cat, on cold days when we do not let her out, stares longingly out the window at birds on nearby branches, and Catja chirps! In fact, every time I hear Catja chirp, I follow the direction of her stare and invariably, there is a sparrow, a robin or a cardinal. She begs to go outside, and she is such a good, good cat, how can I say no? I cannot. And as far as the allergies go, I will medicate what I can and tolerate what I cannot, because Catja is a member of the family.

Anyway, the cat breeders, like dog breeders I have seen or heard about, were a strange breed themselves. They seemed very serious, and took their cats quite seriously. The video clips used by each breeder showed little variation among them – someone shaking a shiny feathery thing at the end of a long stick – you would see the cat pawing at the stick, but no more than the hand of the peop holding the stick. None of the breeders was much younger than 58, I am guessing, and most were older, and most did little, if anything, to improve upon their appearance. Not much to look at, not much charisma. They nearly all had bad hair, stringy necks, and yellowing, crooked teeth, so one might tend to focus on those things instead of what they were saying. They all could have been made to look a lot better. One of smiled a bit more than the others, and was reasonably attractive, someone I might enjoy having a coffee with. Or a least a decaf. Prob not yunch though.

The most interesting breed was the ocicat, which looks exactly like an Ocelot (so-called dwarf leopard), only smaller (a dwarf dwarf) but “has no wild DNA” according to Wiki. The ocicat is a designer breed, originally the accidental product of intentional breeding of a Siamese and Absynnian breed. A few offspring were spotted, and they were bred together. Then later, a silver tabby was added and that is how the ocicat was designed. I would love a cat like that, only they are probably unbelievably expensive and there are so many unwanted cats and kittens in need of rescue, plus Catja would not approve and now one must think of allergies. Another cat I am curious about is the Russian blue, who is supposed to be less allergenic. And I love the look of those calicos with the confluent black, brown, and gold fur.

Decided to google a few other images of animals today: the Okapi (giraffe relative, a stunning creature), the coati (racoonish variant from South American) and the cuttlefish (cb got some frozen from Giant Eagle today) – had heard of but always thought a regular fish, like, you know, cod, or something, but no, cuttlefish are in the squid and octopus fam. Mollie and cb are going to eat it, but not sure I will. Lots of very odd looking under the sea creatures. Prob very low calorie, though.

Meanwhile, Buddha is now on an antidepressant similar to Prozac in order to curtail his impulsive and unpredictable attacks on the innocent. Their dogwalker is someone they just hired and who is doubling as their new obedience trainer. I so hope this works. Curtis was devastated when he realized Buddha might end up having to be put down. He really loves that dog.

Speaking of which, two days ago was the fourth anniversary of my Dad’s death. Still, every time I let myself think about or speak about my folks for more than a brief moment, I just start to cry, and it is hard to stop. I was forced to contend with a significant moral and theological dilemma on Thursday when I went to the Squirrel Judaica store, Pinsker’s, to pick up the Yahrzeit candle. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that my Dad did not, in fact, die on January 23, 2011. It is a good thing I asked the gray-bearded, black-garbed gentleman owner if I should light the candle on the erev or the morning of the 23rd, and of course this prompted inquires. Before I knew what was happening, I found myself being upbraided for nearly lighting the candle on the wrong day! “January 23 has nothing to do with when you should light the candle!” he pointed out. “That is not the date of death!”


And he proceeded to explain about the Jewish calendar and he began to look it up in order to inform me what day he really died and what the equivalent of that would be on the fake calendar of 2015, warning me that it would be different every year because I would have to translate to the fake calendar from the real (Jewish) calendar. Also of course I would have to do the same for my Mom, who, I now realized did not really die on April 9 of last year. I left the store with a miniature (no charge!”) Jewish calendar, and a beeswax candle. What a quandary! What to do? I should do the right thing, but what was that?

I imagined myself waiting till Feb 8, evening, to light the candle, but then forgetting to do so, which would make me very sad. Then I imagined having to research this for both Mom and Dad every year, and maybe forgetting for both of them. Then I realized I had the candle, and it was here at home, on the counter, and that the next day was as far as I was concerned the only anniversary of Dad’s death that meant anything to me, that meant everything to me. The 23 of January for Dad and the 9th of April for Mom are the meaningful days for me, and for Curtis, who went to the gravesite on Friday. So fuck the Jewish calendar, which has no significance for me. Although, thank you, Rebbe. for your invaluable advice, because I know how meaningful it was for you to inform me of my evil and sinful ways.

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