Spoiler Alert: SCREED!!! Or, On The Stupid, Cowlike, Self-Centered American Public And Their Take On The Health Care Law

I am a doctor, and, horror of horrors, I LOVE the fact that Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act was upheld by the Supreme Court, and, not only that, while my opinion of Chief Justice Roberts hasn’t changed a whole hell of a lot, he has definitely earned a point in his favor, not only because of his considered opinion, but also because I think he was kind of, well, brave, at least when you consider the (to put it mildly) negative reaction he has received as a consequence.

But the American public?  Not so much.

It absolutely confounds me how the very Americans who would be helped the most by the Affordable Health Care Act are the ones who are railing against it.  It is mind-boggling and infuriating.  I have spoken to some of my patients about it, and all of them think the implementation of the AHCA means that “we will lose our Medicare.”  And although I am quick to squelch their inane arguments, they seem to remain unconvinced!!!!!!!  It further amazes me how some of my fellow physicians are so worried about what will happen to them as a result of the AHCA that they are vehemently against its implementation.  Although I have strained to understand how they can twist the facts to the extent that they believe their incomes will go way down or they will be fired or banished or foreclosed or something equally reprehensible, I simply cannot.

What I do see, very clearly, is how the press distorts everything, even supposedly liberal media such as the New York Times (HA!) to which I am sometimes ashamed to admit I subscribe and have even gone so far as to “friend” on facebook, and would like to unfriend, if not unsubscribe, and even NPR!!!!!  I have realized why I like Rachel Maddow and Jon Stewart so much — it is because they are the only ones who report things as they are, and call out the distorters.  Of course you would expect idiots like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Bachman, Mitt Romney, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and the like to spew forth their rabid and false arguments, but I can only explain the wrong-headed emphases put out constantly by NPR and NYT by concluding that they must be much more influenced by conservative Republicans than I had hoped to render such skewed pieces. BTW, I didn’t just conclude that five minutes ago, but a long time ago, and unfortunately, keep holding out hope that their reporting style is just a glitch, or that something better will be coming along soon, so I am perpetually disappointed by their takes on the news.  When did facts stop being facts, anyway?

This past week, Obama’s historic health care law has been upheld as constitutional, and what happens?  Members of the two houses of congress are viciously attacking the Supreme Court decision, saying things like, “Just because they say it’s constitutional, doesn’t make it so,” and “Well, I disagree,” and calling John Roberts, their former darling, a “terrorist!”   What is even more frustrating is that the abrasiveness of the attacks of members of the Tea Party and Republican Party and the rabidness is hideous to see and hear.  Webcasts and radio broadcasts catch bits of the tirades, in which the speakers are screaming in hateful, embittered tones, their faces contorted in ugly rage.  “They think it’s over!  BUT IT IS NOT OVER!!!!!!!!!!”  Why frustrating?  Because these self-same individuals are the very ones who ridiculed Howard Dean for his innocuous “scream,” Hilary Clinton for her “strident feminism,” and feminists in general for the same reason, when compared to their festering, purulent vituperation are like the baaas of the babiest of lambs.

Because I am so pissed off at the bovine nature of the majority of the American public (who goes along with and believes everything coming from what must be their only news source, FOX NEWS, which in their rush to spin a little fictional drama and get the scoop {erroneous tho it may b at the expense of accuracy,  announced the Supreme Court decision incorrectly, as in BLOOPER, as did CNN and others, who just ran with the deflated ball, and FOX never even apologized for it or adequately corrected themselves) that I feel obligated to list a few of the advantages of the AHCA, some of which has already gone into effect.  Also, all these tantrum-like threats of the Republicans that they will “repeal” the law are pretty much empty — the House may take a vote, but it is doubtful that the Senate will subsequently.  What is even more exasperating is the way the press spends a great deal more time on the Republican views of whatever Obama does than on Obama’s actual achievements.  What they should be doing is ignoring the extraneous noise and sticking to the substance, which never happens, except on Rachel Maddow and also on The Daily Show.

Anyway, this is what will happen:

People up to age 26 who are uninsured may be covered under their parent’s health insurance (presuming the parents have insurance)

Medicare recipients will get less hard hit by the notorious “donut hole” and will get discounts on brand name medications

Insurance companies will be forced to offer competitive rates to people who have “pre-existing conditions” and furthermore can no longer turn these people away.

Many small businesses which do not now offer health insurance must do so.

If you are self-employed or work for a business that does not offer health insurance, or if you are unemployed, affordable health care will be available to you.

A bit of an aside before I continue — I just can’t hold it in any longer:  All you nincompoops who complain that “The government shouldn’t Force Me to get health insurance,” not to worry.  You never have to purchase health insurance, if you don’t want to, but there is a penalty if you do not.  However, even the penalty is not too bad.  And it should be rendered.  Just like “the government can’t force me to stop smoking,” even though you are poisoning everyone around you, because it is your right.  BUT cigarettes are taxed, because when you smoke, you drive up health care costs for everyone else, you are a less productive worker, you take more sick days, are more likely to get illnesses that suck the system dry, you see the doctor (!) more often, and poison the environment.  What would your reason be to not purchase affordable health insurance, anyway?   The thing is, why would anyone not get insurance?  It is so much better than not having it.  Why should there be a penalty?  So that the knuckleheads who “opt out” of health insurance and take a gamble on their health will not force taxpayers to gamble as well and pay for their care should they end up in emergency rooms or with catastrophic events or accidents(which, by the way, nobody expects to have, which is why they are called “accidents,” but unfortunately happen to lots of people in the course of a year).  When you gamble on your health, and lose, you suck in a lot of innocent people in making them pay for you, so, actually, not having insurance doesn’t only affect you, it affects everyone and if health care is affordable, you are  selfish pig if you do not get health insurance.

Preventive care — such as mammograms — will be part of basic insurance and (I believe) will not have co-pays attached.

There will no longer be lifetime “caps” on healthcare insurance payments.

If you have an insurance plan you like, you can keep it, and you can also keep your doctor.

It is unclear what will happen to doctors’ salaries, but I doubt there will be a problem there.  In fact, I think if anything, lawsuits are likely to go down and reimbursements, at least in the case of primary care specialties like internal medicine, family practice, pediatrics, psychiatry, general surgery, and OB/GYNE will go up.

Now tell me, what is offensive, overwhelming, unreasonable, socialistic, fascist, terrorist, overstepping, about that?


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  1. Mary Howe Says:

    Found your blog and love what I’ve read. I completely agree! Scares me how people can be so ignorant about the Healthcare act; worse yet is their attitude of not wanting to know the truth. They are beyond my understanding.

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