Wipe, Flush & Wash. In that order, please, ladies!

I am burning the midnight oil, although here in San Diego (it’s cold here!  66 degrees when the plane touched the tarmac!)  it is only about 8:30 pm.  I started my day in Pittsburgh, 6 am their time (my time, actually) and now it is 11:30 my time and I am still going strong.

In a few minutes, I imagine I will collapse.

Question for my devoted readers, who, I am sure, have been missing my posts so very much, perhaps even more than I have missed Rachel Maddow in the past week, since she has had the nerve to take the entire week off, it seems.  Hopefully, this will not stretch into two weeks, then three, and on and on.  Just when I was really getting into her show.  Well, at least Jon Stewart was back on Hulu Plus.

I didn’t intend for the blogging to go on hold for more than a week — but last weekend I was on call and catapulted right into Monday with millions of things to do each day, always behind the eight ball, and Thursday I had clinic in the morning and meetings all afternoon so that by the time there might have been a tiny window in which I could have posted something, it was after 11 and I guess I just collapsed.

So the question is this:  why do peops who use public restrooms not flush?  Although many toilets are now self-flush, supposedly, the mechanism doesn’t always work, so you still have to check to make sure it all went down, girls!  What are peops thinking when they leave their stalls with poop still in the potty?  It is so egregiously disgusting, it makes me want to throw up (and if I did throw up, you better believe it would be directly into the commode, and I would most definitely flush, make sure it all went down, and basically clean up any little stray spatters).    This is a global problem.  It has happened in every single public restroom I have ever been in, all over the world.  And well before there were self-flush toilets.  Of course, in some countries, the toilets don’t flush at all, which is a whole ‘nother ball game.

Innumeraboo female peops also pee all over the toilet seat and don’t wipe it up, and sometimes, I don’t realize it and sit down and I couldn’t even begin to describe the sinking feeling in my stomach when I feel the moisture of someone else’s pee soaking my bottom.  I don’t know what it is.  Laziness?  Maliciousness?  Complete lack of any consideration of others?  The territorial instinct?  I thought that was just for guys.  From what I have heard from cb and sundry members of the male persuasion throughout my life so far, men are even more totally gross than women.

It’s really bad when you’re enjoying a meal in what is supposed to be a good restaurant, and have to visit the Ladies’ room in the middle of dinner.  The experience can kind of put a damper, so to speak, on the evening.  As I push the door open to a stall, I wince, anticipating the worst.   And going back to the table, I try a little brain hum to force myself not to think about whatever I might have seen, but it’s like saying “don’t think of a white horse.”  Impossible.

So, ladies, ladies, ladies, clean up after yourselves!  Flush!  Wipe the toilet seat!  Don’t leave your bloody tampons and pads in the water for everyone to see!  They clog the toilet and the poor women who clean the rest room have to deal with your disgusting detritus!  Be considerate!   And here’s a deterrent: realize that as you leave a stall with your poop unflushed, you might just find yourself face to face with someone you know.  And wouldn’t that be embarrassing?

And for God’s sake, wash your hands on your way out!



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