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Prior to enlightening the reader about this “club,” I would like to mention the vicissitudes of weight. Or, rather, my vicissitudes of weight. So much of the time, they make zero sense, and yet, are frustrating no end.

1. Finally, at my Wednesday weigh-in, I was 132.6, a loss in one week of 1.8 pounds. I congratulated myself very much on my persistence with the limitations on ice cream and felt really good and really thin. I also had a cold, so had blown off exercise on Tuesday and Sunday, although still had gotten in pretty many steps, and was continuing to be very careful. I have a special outfit I get weighed in every week: a pair of pink and blue and black flannel madras pj shorts, my pantyhose and a light camisole top. I wear my work clothes to the meeting, and take off jewelry, shoes, and skirt or pants, and if a sweater or heavier top, take that off as well. Also, the pedometer comes off. I leave in the earrings and my wedding and engagement rings. I have had perhaps one to two sips of Eat ‘N’ Park coffee but pee one last time before getting weighed. Nothing else by mouth since the previous night’s dinner. It’s a ritual which prob makes little difference. Then I eat breakfast which I bring with me to the meeting. Although I have been known to forget my coffee thermos, which never bodes well for the rest of the day, esp when the caffeine w/drawal h/a kicks in.

2. Had an oncology follow up appt with Dr. Brufsky on Thursday at 1:30 pm. And of course got weighed. I had eaten yunch, because I had been starving, and the yunch included some coffee, 12 oz of diet soda, and a high volume of veggies and fruit. Of course, I had also consumed breakfast prior to yunch. Many hours prior, but nonetheless. Clothing: a pair of cords, heavy sox, a heavy sweater. Weight: (brace yourselves!): 139.4 pounds. You read it right, this is no typo. 139.4. So 7.2 pounds difference since WW. I took it in stride, realizing that the weigh-in conditions were quite different. I would cringe to think what the weight would’ve been at Brufsky’s office just after the xmas holiday, so I will not think about it.

3. No weight on Friday, and no weight Sat or Sun (today) in the usual manner. Usual manner is prior to breakfast, but not when I am on call. Then I weigh self not at all or when I come home from making rounds. Yesterday: 135.8; Today: 136.6!!!!!! This is pretty ridiculous. These were about 4 hours post-breakfast but unclothed. The reader should know that I have continued to not have ice cream (except I think Wednesday evening), to stay very much within my PointsPlus daily allotment. There were two days when I went over 1500 calories — I think 1600 something one day and 1500 something another — but the rest were under 1500. This is just so fucked up!! It drives me the fuck crazy! And certainly makes me sympathize, if not empathize, with peops who have a lot of weight to lose.

I have to keep thinking: this is maintenance. I am never going to be exactly the same weight from day to day. There will be variations.

Tonight we are going to a SuperBowl party. I am bringing a chopped salad, which will be a calorie-friendly option. I might also bring a 25 calorie hot chocolate packet. The idea is to get there when appetizers are over and the game and dinner have started. This will prevent too much mindless eating. I do kind of look forward to the half-time, because although I am ambivalent about Madonna, she does make for a bit of lively entertainment, when the mood strikes. The commercials everyone raves about — not so impressive, IMHO. By then, I’ll be pretty tired since I only had about 5 or less hours of sleep last night. And why was that? B/C cb and I watched a really overrated movie — Midnight in Paris — more in a minute about that. And afterwards, starting at a bit after 10, I got out my Kindle and proceeded to finish the new Corduroy Mansions Alexander McCall Smith novel, which brought the time to nearly midnight by the time I began the journey to Dreamland.
AMS is one of my fave authors, but I have to say, the Corduroy Mansion novels aren’t as good as the Mma Ramotswe novels, which are his best. I like the 44 Scotland series and the Dalhousie series, but not so much the Corduroy or the Portuguese Irregular Verbs ones.

And Woody Allen’s movies have been pretty disappointing, I would say since he began carrying on with his current wife, Mia Farrow’s estranged adopted daughter. The whole thing was so nauseating and completely changed my opinion of the ever-so-self-righteous Allen. He definitely fell from his pedestal at that scandalous moment. And speaking of self-righteous, I can’t really think of anything that could possibly justify his egregious, despicable behavior with respect to his deception, to his pedophilia, or to his general immorality and hypocrisy. It is quite possible that Danny Savage would accuse me of self-righteousness and being judgmental, but I don’t even think WA himself would deny that he is a sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezbag. But regardless of my inability either to “separate the man from the artist,” a concept WA has addressed in numerous of his movies, or to accept WA’s excuses to the effect that “the artist creates his own moral universe,” another one of WA’s famous concepts, I can say pretty objectively that Midnight In Paris is one of his worst movies. In the making of this movie, WA was basically derivative of himself, and badly! The theme, plot, characters, concept of time travel — WA has used all these before, numerous times, in movies that were far better. The biggest difference in his more recent movies, including this one — and I quote myself here, a line I said to cb last night which I thought was very witty, and still do, if I say so myself, because if I don’t, who will? — “Before, Woody Allen didn’t want to be anywhere but New York. Now he wants to be anywhere but New York.” Especially Europe. Most of his last films: Match Point, Vicky Christina Barcelona, and Midnight In Paris — take place in Europe, oh, so exotic. I think it may have been Everyone Says I Love You, which was one of his very best movies, which propelled WA into this love affair with Europe. And last night it was the Paris salons populated by francophile expatriates — Hemingway, Stein, Fitzgerald, etc., who were portrayed as caricatures of themselves.

I had a less violent negative reaction to AMS Corduroy book, but the author does seem to be driven more by profit than passion in this last one. I am about to read the latest Dalhousie novel, which hopefully will be better.

Am I really as sardonic as I seem? Yes, cb can tell you I can generate incomparable invective when provoked, and it isn’t limited to artistic critiques. You are probably thinking, “How did she all of a sudden get to be a critic? And with the way she writes?” And believe me, I am no student of the arts. I just know what I like and what I don’t like. I particularly don’t like things that are phony or overblown. The Descendants was another shitty movie. Why it got such good reviews, I’ll never know. George Clooney has done some good acting, but this movie was not a good vehicle for him, mostly because the screenplay, and premise both sucked. I can’t say it was so much derivative as unbelievably contrived. Plus it was maudlin, schmaltzy, needlessly solemn, and with way too many pregnant pauses and zooming in on George’s mournful, soulful eyes, all attempting to in a very sophomoric way signify transition, self-reflection, realization or character evolution.

I didn’t spout off for any real reason. I wasn’t trying to show off. The words just typed themselves out, plus it was kind of fun and gratifying.

I may be blogging more about a club that will accept anyone as a member. That might turn Groucho Marx off, but he’s dead now, so it doesn’t matter. When I have more information that I am able to impart intelligibly and intelligently, you will be among the first to know, so stay tuned. I also have to create more bfb cartoons. I also need to upload a pic Max sent me.

The exercise class this week: two more attended! They had seen the tiny little blurb in the Post-Gazette, and they loved the class. They signed up for the whole month of February, so this is a good sign! At least, until you stop to think: that out of the entire population of Pgh who needs to start exercising, precisely TWO responded to the announcment. Oh, well. As an optimist, I have to say, with great enthusiasm: “It’s a start!” And also: they may ask their friends, and those friends will ask their friends, and so on, and soon we will have to hold more classes because we are oversubscribed!

This post was all over the place, but it’s understandable and excusable, since I am sleep-deprived, a bfb, and distracted.

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