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More About Excuses And Drama

Posted by Vicki on May 31st, 2015 under Uncategorized
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Last Saturday, I began getting sick, which has not happened to me in several years. It was just a cold, and just a viral one at that, but you know how you get with a cold, you feel like warmed-over shit and like you are about to die. I feel more like I am about […]

Books and Writing

Posted by Vicki on May 25th, 2015 under aspirations, creations, friends & family, inspiration, Lifestyle, philosophy, projects, stress management
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Everyone in my fam is a lover of books and reading. We also like to write. Many folks like to write. Most are unpublished. But even without being published, writing has its advantages. For me, it is restorative, cathartic, reflective, and sometimes creates a repository of memories. It lets me play with and (try to […]

Ups and Downs

Posted by Vicki on May 23rd, 2015 under Attitude, being a doc, friends & family, Lifestyle, love, philosophy
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Does anyone else find themselves going from states of rapturous joy and love of life to moments of wishing life were over? I have, always have, and still do. It is not bipolar disorder, but my moods are very dependent on my thoughts and worries. It is very rare that I am worry-free. I have […]

My Peops

Posted by Vicki on May 19th, 2015 under fond memories, friends & family, love
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cb and I are staying at the Condor Hotel in Brooklyn for our much-awaited weekend in NY. Our drive here was just beautiful – sunny and blue skies, perfect temperature. Got to see Jenna, Max and Shannon last night, saw Jenna’s student art exhibit at her school, St. David’s. Keith, a housekeeping person at St.David’s […]


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Griping about things does not mean I am not aware of my good fortune. In my case, I think everything good that has happened to me harkens back to being born into my particular family. If i had not had my parents and growing up environment, I doubt things would have turned out so well. […]