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Beyond Help

Posted by Vicki on March 29th, 2015 under being a doc, BodyChangers, career, compassion, Eating Behavior, Exercise, fitness, Lifestyle, on being a doctor, philosophy, unmitigated frustration, Weight Gain, weight management
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Most prospective medical students use some version of the hackneyed phrase, “I want to help people” when asked about their career choice. That was definitely one of my reasons, although I was careful to couch it in less banal terms in my application essay. For me, it was more than just wanting to help, though, […]

Cats and English Usage

Posted by Vicki on March 22nd, 2015 under cats, friends & family, Funny things, irritation, unmitigated frustration
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It is nice to have an affectionate pet for a change. I know, Catja has been our pet for almost five years already, but for the other part of my life, the only pets I knew were the likes of goldfish, turtles, tortoises, mice, gerbils and finally bunnies – and our bunnies were a rude […]

Set Point

Posted by Vicki on March 19th, 2015 under aspirations, Attitude, Eating Behavior, food!, Healthy eating, Lifestyle, Nutrition, vanity, venting, weight, Weight Gain, Weight Loss, weight management, Wellness
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This is not the same as match point. I have a set point which can go up easily but to get it to go down is very tough and with each passing year, it is tougher and tougher. As you may have guessed, it os all about my weight. Although i have been technically at […]

More About Friends and Etiquette

Posted by Vicki on March 15th, 2015 under aspirations, BodyChangers, friends & family, Healthy eating, Nutrition
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It is harder and harder to be a good friend. Guilt is the watchword of the day. Have become horrible at writing thank you notes, never thought it would happen to me! And although I manage to recognize many friends’ and relatives’ birthdays with cards or phone calls and sometimes both, I am way behind […]

A Date!

Posted by Vicki on March 14th, 2015 under Attitude, career, friends & family, love
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cb and I are going on one of our very rare dates, just the two of us, tonight. There are tons of reasons we do not get out much: work for both of us is unbelievably busy, often requiring weekend time, we are homebodies and love our house and being home when we have the […]

It Is Really Still Light Out!

Posted by Vicki on March 8th, 2015 under Attitude, being a doc, career, craziness, on being a doctor
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For some reason I am having a problem with the server. It is not connecting to the internet. I need to get on facebook because I need to ask for emails from some of my friend contacts but cannot do that right now, which is shame because getting emails is a dull and time consuming […]

Soul Suckers and Friends

Posted by Vicki on March 7th, 2015 under BodyChangers, fitness, friends & family
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After bundling up – four layers of shirts, two sweatshirts, four pairs of pants, a scarf, a hat, a hooded winter coat with the hood up, gloves and Timberland boots, I was ready to venture outdoors for my first long walk in months. cb, who is typically frozen solid, did not take the precautions I […]

One Month From Now The Weather Will Break

Posted by Vicki on March 5th, 2015 under aspirations, Attitude, being a doc, Exercise, fitness, on being a doctor, priorities, venting, Wellness
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All the snow will be gone! At least one hopes. Then, everything will be perfect! Today is one of those rare days when I have nothing scheduled till 3 pm. I would like to get to gym before that, but may not be able to till after that meeting. Also, this coming weekend I have […]

The Lion Blows In

Posted by Vicki on March 2nd, 2015 under aspirations, Attitude, Exercise, food!, Lifestyle
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Here it is, bedtime again, and I have not blogged for a week. It has been an extremely eventful week which is not going to be technically over for another hour and 17 minutes. We hosted two dinners, one for 40 or so peops, right here in our house, on a school night, and then […]