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To Nap Or Not To Nap

Posted by Vicki on October 26th, 2014 under career, Lifestyle, priorities, projects
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Although I got enough sleep this weekend, I have just finished a rather. bog yunch and feel quite drowsy, which is disturbing. Because it means I almost definitely will end up taking a nap, which sounds like and is a lovely indulgence, but one that i can hardly afford. On the one hand, I semi-thought […]

On To The Next Worry

Posted by Vicki on October 25th, 2014 under aspirations, inspiration, philosophy, projects
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Surprise! The talk went well, better even than I could have anticipated, even though the amplifier never arrived as was promised and the three motivational interviewing clips that I actually purchased the DVD for, had agonized over and had taken hours of viewing to select just the right ones, could not be heard by audience […]

A Little Nervous and Family Dysfunction

Posted by Vicki on October 23rd, 2014 under craziness, friends & family, irritation, projects, stress management, venting
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What else is new? I am not as nervous as i would have been, say, 10 years ago, or definitely than I would have been pre-sertraline/Buspar, I mean O am not paralyzed and i will probably be able to sleep some, but I am definitely feeling a bit unsettled. Tomorrow’s talk, a “university-wide” endocrine grand […]

Problem Solved

Posted by Vicki on October 19th, 2014 under aspirations, Attitude, dilemma horns, Eating Behavior, food!, friends & family, Healthy eating, love, Nutrition, philosophy
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After practicing talk six times, once in front of cb when still in rough form, and today in front of Mollie, and honing talk, making it shorter, and figuring out best way to get five video clips – two from You Tube and three from a DVD that cannot be downloaded – to run smoothly, […]

Weight A Minute!

Posted by Vicki on October 18th, 2014 under Eating Behavior, food!, Lifestyle, Nutrition, weight, Weight Gain, Weight Loss, weight management
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Why why why do I love food so much? It is one thing to enjoy food but quite another to not want to stop eating. Ever! I could eat all day and all night long, nonstop. This morning, I decoded not to go to Weight Watchers, before I got on my home scale. My home […]

One Of Those Things

Posted by Vicki on October 16th, 2014 under Attitude, Exercise, fitness, irritation, unmitigated frustration
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I guess i should be surprised it doesn’t happen more often than it does. Given my overall klutziness. Plus, I have really weak ankles, the opposite of cankles, which is in a way a good thing. My ankles are one part of me I never worry about being too fat, except on days like today, […]

I Done Bin Spotified and I Yike It!

Posted by Vicki on October 12th, 2014 under aspirations, being a doc
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Finally downloaded Spotify and have had some minutes to download all my fave songs, and they are free! and i can change it any time i want and never spend a dime on downloading songs and trying and discarding whatever I want whenever I want! This was not an exercise in frustration, which is unlike […]

Missing Them

Posted by Vicki on October 9th, 2014 under friends & family, love
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Too late to write much. Worked on & practiced talk today, after 5 am walk with Jenny. Conked out for two straight hours this afternoon. It was like the propofol. Gone. Must’ve needed it. Guess two days of fasting in 7 days is too much for me. Have been missing my Mom and Dad terribly. […]

Eating is Good

Posted by Vicki on October 8th, 2014 under Eating Behavior, food!, Healthy eating, Nutrition, Unbridled Eating
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This is so great! I am done with this business of fasting for a whole year, until the next Yom Kippur, and no need to even think about another colonoscopy for ten year! When I’m 70. Which I do not need an excuse not to think about. When someone asks me at this point in […]


Posted by Vicki on October 5th, 2014 under Attitude, BodyChangers, Eating Behavior, Exercise, fitness, food!, friends & family, Lifestyle
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Each year as Yom Kippur approaches, i wonder if I will make it through the fasting. There are tons of folks, of course, for whom this is never an issue, and I am not just speaking of peops who are not Jewish or peops who do not have any sort of religious or cultural fasting […]