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To Swim Or Not To Swim

Posted by Vicki on November 30th, 2013 under cats, Eating Behavior, Exercise, Lifestyle, love, weight management
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Mollie wanted to make cb a birthday dinner last night, as I mentioned. it went very well. Got way too much salmon, though, with lots of leftovers. but Mollie and cb insist they will make short work of it. Actually, salmon used to be one of my fave dishes, when I was a teenager and […]

Post-Thanksgiving Blues

Posted by Vicki on November 29th, 2013 under love, weight management
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Mollie and I went to the gym together this morning, both of us rather distressed, lamenting the manner in which we stuffed ourselves yesterday, at least on the way there, but both of us feeling de-stressed, thinner and happier when we completed our elliptical machine interval training. Mine was not truly interval training, but setting […]

Metaphorically Speaking: Weight Management Is Like Toothpaste

Posted by Vicki on November 28th, 2013 under Attitude, weight management
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My newest and favorite metaphor for going off track, I actually made up (not the metaphor itself, but the link to going off track), which is why it is my favorite, is: “You may not be able to put toothpaste back into the tube, but you can buy a new tube of toothpaste.” This metaphor […]

Never A Dull Moment

Posted by Vicki on November 24th, 2013 under craziness, Eating Behavior, Exercise, friends & family, irritation, Just Plain Mean, love, stress management, unmitigated frustration, weight management
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So far, so predictable, at least in terms of my own eating behavior. No sleeves of cookies or crackers were consumed, but I did take in about fifty PointsPlus and about 2500 calories yesterday, which was hardly compensated by the 15,000 steps I completed, including that hour on elliptical. I did so enjoy the food, […]

Going Rogue

Posted by Vicki on November 23rd, 2013 under Eating Behavior, Fashion, food!, friends & family, vanity, weight
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First post in a week! It has been impossible to get back to these beloved virtual pages until now, such a flurry of activity has there been, what with the on-call weekend, long work days, evening meetings, Thursday meetings, packing and driving once again to NY. The reader will recall, we are not making our […]

Fed Up

Posted by Vicki on November 16th, 2013 under screed, venting
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I am just about fed up. When I listened to Rachel Maddow’s podcast, I was delighted to hear her defend Obama and the ACA and rail into the media for their rapaciously unscrupulous coverage of early enrollment. I am so disgusted at how Obama is being attacked relentlessly when he has done nothing wrong, how […]

The Classic Cat: Catja By The Window

Posted by Vicki on November 14th, 2013 under Big FAT Kitties, BodyChangers, cats, Exercise, Fashion, fitness, friends & family, Funny things, weight management
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Catja sits by the window waiting for her Daddy to come home. When she hears his car door slam, she seems to know it is his among the many slammed car doors in our neighborhood, because she will jump off the window sill and run to the front door. I do not know how she […]

Staying On Track With Your Exercise

Posted by Vicki on November 10th, 2013 under aspirations, Exercise, stress management
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Especially this time of year, as it gets colder and windier and we mammals instinctively seek hibernation, staying on track with our exercise routines sometimes seems impossible. I know I have tremendous difficulty dragging myself out of bed on cold Tuesday and Wednesday mornings to meet with my trainer, and on Thursday mornings to meet […]

Planning Ahead

Posted by Vicki on November 9th, 2013 under aspirations
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Planning ahead is one of the hallmarks of successful weight loss and weight loss maintenance. This should go without saying, though. Because planning ahead is also the cornerstone of success with anything in life, right? But most folks do not seem to think about weight loss that way. Weight loss, they must believe, should not […]

More Goals

Posted by Vicki on November 7th, 2013 under aspirations, BodyChangers, Eating Behavior, Exercise, food!, Healthy eating, Lifestyle, weight
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Down two pounds at WW today. Do you think it is because I have given up diet beverages (with exception of diet cocoa) have stuck to water and black coffee, have stopped using diet maple syrup and diet chocolate syrup and have even avoided artificial sweeteners, even Stevia lately? Specifically for the last two or […]