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Trick Or Treat

Posted by Vicki on October 31st, 2013 under Eating Behavior, food!, gluttony, Lifestyle
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It is odd, but as time goes on, I am less and less interested in eating junk food. We have some candy left over from Halloween, even though we bought only two packages of candy. Prob because of the rain, although it was unseasonably warm out. Would I have liked our bike trip better in […]

GAP Third Installment: All’s Well That Ends Well

Posted by Vicki on October 27th, 2013 under aspirations, Attitude, BodyChangers, Eating Behavior, Exercise, Fashion, fitness, fond memories, food!, friends & family, Lifestyle, weight, Weight Gain, Weight Loss, weight management, Wellness
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If I can ride through rain and snow, wind and hail, uphill and in the cold, so can you! Remember the exhilaration of that first bike ride on your own as a child? On that day for my son Woody, when he was all of six or seven years old, he summed it up perfectly: […]

GAP second installment: The Summit

Posted by Vicki on October 26th, 2013 under aspirations, Attitude, craziness, fitness, fond memories, friends & family, Lifestyle, love, Nutrition, philosophy, strength, stress management, weight, Weight Gain, Weight Loss, weight management, Wellness
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Spoiler Alert! We are safely home, completed the entire trip under the most adverse of conditions, including a bear sighting, and are happy we did it. The friendship with Grace and Stu and the two marriages have prevailed. The scale has been, in my case, kind. I have learned lots of things, and I want […]

Awesomeness! GAP first installment

Posted by Vicki on October 24th, 2013 under Exercise, food!, friends & family, gluttony, Lifestyle, Weight Gain
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We did it! Grace, Stu, cb and I biked from Ohiopyle to Cumberland, Md, in three days. Now, to seasoned athletes, this might seem laughable, and, in fact, was, to a number of cyclers we met en route. But we don’t care. For us, this was a major, amazing and awesome accomplishment, and we are […]

Bike Trip Angst

Posted by Vicki on October 20th, 2013 under aspirations, Exercise, Weight Gain
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Despite all “great” advice to others, I can hardly keep my act together when it comes to my own weight struggles. This weekend, for example, I did not exercise at all yesterday, unless you consider taking steps instead of elevator during hospital rounds “exercise.” Any calorie burn from this, however, was negated by the 3 […]

Halloween Mindfulness

Posted by Vicki on October 19th, 2013 under weight management
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I am trying to come up with a Halloween “Eat this, not that” advice tip sheet that someone wants me to put together. The trouble is, candy is candy is candy. I mean, sure, technically, things like dried fruit, seeds, nuts, raisins and even dark chocolate are “better” for you, they are still filled with […]

My Left Foot

Posted by Vicki on October 13th, 2013 under Attitude, friends & family, philosophy
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I did something to my left foot. All of a sudden, after being fine, walking on it causes intense, sharp pain in the 1st mtp joint and the ball of foot. I have had these pains before, and maybe it means I have been wearing high heels too much lately, or ran too much yesterday, […]

An Unexpected Reprieve

Posted by Vicki on October 12th, 2013 under compassion, Lifestyle, love, priorities
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I am off the hook this weekend. Originally, I had been scheduled to be on call, but forgot that I had switched with Trish, and therefore am on call next weekend instead. This is a really nice little gift, because I am just getting over a cold I picked up just prior tolast weekend, which […]

Un Hand Me

Posted by Vicki on October 10th, 2013 under aspirations, Attitude, Funny things, Lifestyle
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It looks like the white outstretched hand I bought this summer at Milkweed in Honesdale, the hand that I had my eye on for a whole year before giving in and buying it, is not going to work out in our new bathroom. I am forced to reluctantly admit that this plaster hand jutting out […]

A Lady In Waiting

Posted by Vicki on October 6th, 2013 under friends & family
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OMG! I got home safely! All by myself! Very careful, albeit sometimes fast, driving. Only two stops, short ones, and home 15 minutes short of 7 hours, no traffic. The omg refers also to ev else: to being so hap to be home, to see and be with my own cb again, to hug my […]