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Beset by huge storm, summer – type. Also two new admissions, one this morning, very sick, while,was mid-rounds, and the other, also quite ill, a bit worrisome, and an inpatient with ongoing chest pain, but has been blessed by pulmonary and cardiology for the nonce. When inpatients are acutely ill and not necessarily stable, it […]

I am tb and I am a messaholic

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When the weekend rolls around, there never seems to be enough time to catch up. One of these days, cb and I will clean our bedroom, maybe tomorrow, because it is getting totally out of hand in every way. It is a joke, really, how very different my home is from the one I grew […]


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Mollie was in no pain after her oral surgery today, and yet she was in distress I think because she was not only “so confused” and disoriented, not only because she had total amnesia for the procedure, including not having any idea how she got from the chair she was in for the wisdom teeth […]

Another Adventure! With BodyChangers!

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Amidst news of het another study coming out for cardiovascular fitness as an excellent way to prevent various cancers, BodyChangers hosted an exhilarating bike ride along the newly connected (just last week, recall, the closure of the GAP gap between the South Side and the Waterfront was officially celebrated) Great Allegheny Passage, all the way […]

59 year old kid; am I blue?

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Who ever heard of a 59 year old lady with a skinned knee? And elbow?? A lady who tripped over her own gym shoes while trying to keep up with a group exercise routine – walking up and back with a little skip, one foot moving forward as it should, the other foot getting hung […]


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Robin gave me a biiiiiiig hug today, which I really needed badly. Never underestimate the importance of a hug. I heard somewhere a long time ago that everyone needs at least 12 hugs a day. We all need to feel loved. I really need to feel the love right now. Intellectually, I know I am […]

Of Fishbowls

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Just got off the phone with Mom. You know, she lives in a fish bowl. One of the women there, named Aline, has been Mom’s “friend” the whole time she has lived at Kendal. Aline is a tiny, frail woman with COPD whose deteriorating health caused her to have to move from independent into assisted […]

Too Late To Blog

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This will be brief. Mollie and I spent the latter part of the afternoon at Costco and The Waterfront Giant Eagle. She is done with 10th grade, and hopefully will have a good report card. It was a tough academic hear for her because she had some pretty sub-par teachers, not only real disappointments but […]

Joyously Overwhelmed!

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Not my own words. Someone at the conference, one of the speakers, gave this as an answer when Helen Delichtasios asked him how he was. I am in some ways joyously overwhelmed (is that the same as joyfully overwhelmed?) but a lot of the time I am anxiously overwhelmed. I do have many moments of […]

Flight Delay

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Ah, yes! Weight management at the airport! Nothing like weight gain on lousy food, especially if the pounds accumulate during a conference on obesity. cb would not have liked the chicken in my wilted lunchtime chicken salad (grilled chicken breast on a bed of wizened grape tomatoes and desiccated romaine lettuce) because it, too, was […]