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Post III, March 31, 2012: Five Different Salads

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I have agreed to do presentations this coming Tuesday and Wednesday for two groups of patients enrolled in the Triabetes Study at Magee. These will take place at Magee at 5:30 p.m. both days. Until yesterday, I hadn’t even really started thinking about what I would do. It’s supposed to be about how to implement […]

Post II March 31, 2012: Survival of the Fittest

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Now that it’s spring, I am awakening into my physical challenge mode, which I pursued with way too much of a vengeance last summer. Just when I was really hitting my stride, so to speak, my IT band decided not to cooperate. This summer, I have a whole new set of fitness goals. 1. That […]

Post I for March 31, 2012: Girl On Fire

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To revisit hot flashes, in case you didn’t get it the last time. Let the gentle reader recall that this author is not only post-menopausal, but also, due to having a no-longer recent diagnosis of breast cancer, unable to enjoy the benefits of systemic hormone replacement therapy, which she did for about 10 years, and […]


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Last night, for the first time, I attended the Life After Weight Loss Support Group. Until this year, I had not attended any support groups sponsored by MIS-General Surgery Bariatrics or Life After Weight Loss (Plastic Surgery-Body Contouring), but now I am attending as many as I can because of my expanded (pun only sort […]

The Hunger Games

Posted by Vicki on March 25th, 2012 under Attitude, Eating Behavior, Exercise, gluttony, weight, weight management
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For Mollie’s 15th birthday celebration, we saw The Hunger Games, which I think was a brilliant movie and a fairly accurate rendition of the book, which makes sense since the books author co-wrote the screenplay. The casting was perfect. IMHO, however, Mollie’s birthday will not stand out as one of the best in her life. […]

To Komen Or Not To Komen

Posted by Vicki on March 22nd, 2012 under Attitude, dilemma horns, Exercise, philosophy
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The post you are about to read isn’t really funny or filled with the usual tb wit, but it’s what I want to write about, so you can read this or turn the page. Whatevs. Even before I became a member of the breast cancer club, I was of course always very supportive of the […]


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Minutes ago, I was working on a post when I was suddenly informed that I was not logged in and that draft could not be saved! How could I not be logged in, when I was blogging? Oh, well. I guess I was, in fact, not blogging, because post was not saved. I was not […]

Weighting for Godot: The Elusive Goal

Posted by Vicki on March 11th, 2012 under Attitude, Healthy eating, Lifestyle, stress management, weight, Weight Gain, Weight Loss, weight management, Wellness
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Thank God 120 pounds is not my WW goal weight. My WW goal weight was set — by me — at 135 pounds, because I had a sense that I could stay at that weight with relative (all things are relative, remember) ease. Not absolute ease — it is NOT easy. So the time has […]

Role Models and Mentors

Posted by Vicki on March 10th, 2012 under being a doc, Lifestyle, love, philosophy, reflections in a golden eye
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Today in the car, Mollie and I discussed role models. I am not sure how the topic arose, but it is a provocative topic, which makes me wonder I have posted about it previously. Oh, well, no matter, if so, it was probably long enough ego as to be forgotten. It’s important to have role […]

Squeezing in a Post on a Stormy Day

Posted by Vicki on March 8th, 2012 under Attitude, Hate, reflections in a golden eye, stress management
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Normally, I have had time on Thursdays to blog and have been doing that with extreme regularity. However, in the past few weeks this has been problematic and will continue to be so. This is due to lots of extra time I am spending with work-related tasks. I have really been logging in the hours. […]