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Woody, Mollie, cb & I are facing each other,2 by 2, on our way to Hrand Central on Metro North having parked our van at the T-town train station. Mucho mejor que driving into the city onaholiday & trying 2 find parking! View of the Hudson to my left — W & I are riding […]


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We are now sitting in room at Marriott Courtyard waiting for all to get ready to go to town & then 2 Ama’s apt. Max @ haircut waiting in Tarrytown & Mollie is brushing & drying hair. We just got back from a 5 mile walk to and from T town. Pay half not open […]

Planx. A lot.

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I am getting better at doing planx. With Sarah, my personal trainer. Working on the core is not easy due to recent ab surgery, albeit laparoscopic, and past ab surgery plus childbearing effects on ab muscles. My abs do not look awful at all, for my age at least, in fact are decent. By that, […]


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We picked Max up from college for the last time — he is a college graduate now, magna cum laude with honors in anthropology and sociology! In about two weeks, he will be moving to NY and will be starting work at Birch Wathen Lenox school to teach at their fledgling summer science program,, and […]

Hoppin off the Weight Gain Train

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Yippee! The tide has turned. Finally. I figured out how to get the regained pounds off. To recap: If the reader will recall, I had that 7 lb weight loss with my cancer diagnosis, then started to regain after reaching a nadir of 127 lb. Since about February, although I have had one or two […]

Pedaling Pittsburgh: an Ordeal, a Trial and a Triumph

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I did it! I rode the 25 mile stretch that I signed up for in the Pedal Pittsburgh ride yesterday. I must say, by the end of the ride, this inveterate and passionate biker was sure she would never get on a bike again, but I guess it’s like labor — during it, all you […]

A Weighty Issue

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I have continued to go up in weight, and I have pinpointed the reason. Too many calories. D-O-O-H-H. It’s the fruit, for sure — the 0 PointsPlus assigned to fruit has ended up being a license to consume pounds of fruit a day, which has really added up. I figured out that I have been […]

The Struggle to Maintain

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I attend two Weight Watchers meetings a week — “my” meeting is on Wednesdays, and it is one of my favorite times of week, an oasis of pure “me” time. I love the people at the meeting, and the leader. If the meeting time were terminated, or the leader left, I would be very upset. […]

Spinning out of Controlleybird

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Some cliches that apply to most days, and, in particular, this day, which, although rather ordinary, has taken some twists and turns. Appropriate cliches: 1) The best laid plans of mice and men (is that where Steinbeck got the title, or vice versa? And why mice?) often go astray; 2) You never know what to […]

“Race” — NOT!!

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Mother’s Day. Race For The Cure was just too crowded — a good thing if you are trying to drum up business — for anyone to actually race, which is kind of ironic since the slowness of the amebic crowd mirrors the speed at which progress toward cancer cure is being made. It is wonderful […]