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Posted by Vicki on September 5th, 2015 under aspirations, cats, compassion, craziness, dilemma horns, friends & family, Funny things, love, priorities
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I have always wanted a dog. I would have been happy to have a cat, and now we have one, a cat we love. My Mom let us have those tiny turtles, goldfish, a 10 cm tortoise and a pair of gerbils, but nothing that could mess up the house and nothing that would require […]

Our Last One: She’s Leaving Home, Bye Bye

Posted by Vicki on August 22nd, 2015 under Attitude, fond memories, friends & family, howque?, Lifestyle, love, philosophy, priorities, stress management, venting, Wellness
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Tuesday is the day we transport Mollie and her belongings to the other side of the state, and these are the last days of having her live with us in the way she has since she was born more than 18 years ago. Each time one of our kids trundled off to college, I felt […]

One Month From Now The Weather Will Break

Posted by Vicki on March 5th, 2015 under aspirations, Attitude, being a doc, Exercise, fitness, on being a doctor, priorities, venting, Wellness
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All the snow will be gone! At least one hopes. Then, everything will be perfect! Today is one of those rare days when I have nothing scheduled till 3 pm. I would like to get to gym before that, but may not be able to till after that meeting. Also, this coming weekend I have […]

To Nap Or Not To Nap

Posted by Vicki on October 26th, 2014 under career, Lifestyle, priorities, projects
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Although I got enough sleep this weekend, I have just finished a rather. bog yunch and feel quite drowsy, which is disturbing. Because it means I almost definitely will end up taking a nap, which sounds like and is a lovely indulgence, but one that i can hardly afford. On the one hand, I semi-thought […]

Could Have Been Worse

Posted by Vicki on August 31st, 2014 under Attitude, Eating Behavior, Exercise, fitness, food!, gluttony, philosophy, priorities, weight, Weight Gain, weight management
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Chocolate cake, bit of baklava, two glasses wine, crackers and second, third and fourth helpings. Improvements would have included: one glass of wine, half a piece of cake, eating one helping or even two, eliminating bread and crackers. That would have cut back 1000 calories. Also, eating less fruit and popped crackers before party would […]

All Growed Up

Posted by Vicki on June 4th, 2014 under aspirations, Attitude, being a doc, inspiration, priorities, strength, venting

I was a grown up today. Which is why the airplane passengers rising en masse to their feet the instant the plane landed in Boston did not annoy me as much as usual. For the same reason, I was only mildly put out when, minutes after beginning our taxi-ing out of the gate while departing […]

our getaway

Posted by Vicki on May 17th, 2014 under aspirations, Eating Behavior, Exercise, fond memories, friends & family, Healthy eating, love, priorities, stress management, weight management
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A long ago wedding: Kathy Muska sent photos taken at her marriage celebration, 1991. She had mailed to my work address. Mom and Dad were pictured, looking beautiful, around a table with Ilse, Jeanne and Marty Dolgin, and Margaret Lamb. Mom was 66 and Dad, 73. Ergo, not much older than cb and I are […]

Angels Bearing Gifts

Posted by Vicki on March 27th, 2014 under fond memories, friends & family, Illness, love, priorities, Weight Loss, weight management
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It is possible that I might just make this a very short post and take a nap. The last week or so have been exhausting emotionally. First from a distance dealing with crisis of Mom’s hospitalization, then worrying about how long they were going to keep her unnecessarily, then the disaster of bing sent home […]

Yast Yegs

Posted by Vicki on March 13th, 2014 under compassion, fond memories, friends & family, Illness, love, priorities
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It appears that Mom’s yegs are no longer working, so she went to the ER again today. Once again, Curtis rushed up from work to see her and Max took Harry home. it is not that Harry could not get home himself, it is just that Jenna is not back from italy yet – in […]

All Atwitter

Posted by Vicki on February 8th, 2014 under Attitude, Eating Behavior, Exercise, fitness, food!, Funny things, howque?, priorities, weight management
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At Weight Watchers this week, I resolved that my new routine for the upcoming week – starting two days ago – was going to be “eat more slowly.” This would mean doing things like putting fork or spoon down between each bite, taking a sip of water before taking another bite, sitting and chatting between […]