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Posted by Vicki on September 5th, 2015 under aspirations, cats, compassion, craziness, dilemma horns, friends & family, Funny things, love, priorities
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I have always wanted a dog. I would have been happy to have a cat, and now we have one, a cat we love. My Mom let us have those tiny turtles, goldfish, a 10 cm tortoise and a pair of gerbils, but nothing that could mess up the house and nothing that would require […]


Posted by Vicki on July 5th, 2015 under Big FAT Bunnies, BodyChangers, craziness, Eating Behavior, Funny things, gluttony, weight
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Although I appreciate and am grateful for everything in life, it is very difficult for me to just relax and enjoy it. I mean, I do enjoy it, but there is always that tinge of anxiety mixed in, even in my dreams, when I wake up in the middle of the night with a throbbing […]

Cats and English Usage

Posted by Vicki on March 22nd, 2015 under cats, friends & family, Funny things, irritation, unmitigated frustration
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It is nice to have an affectionate pet for a change. I know, Catja has been our pet for almost five years already, but for the other part of my life, the only pets I knew were the likes of goldfish, turtles, tortoises, mice, gerbils and finally bunnies – and our bunnies were a rude […]

Exploring Drinking Games: What I Missed

Posted by Vicki on January 1st, 2015 under craziness, Eating Behavior, Exercise, food!, friends & family, Funny things, Lifestyle
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After my spontaneous suggestion to Jenny that the girls (plus cb and maybe Patrick “do shots” at her going away party Saturday while the guys watch!their boring football upstairs in spare room, I became curious, wondering whether and then realizing that we should, in fact would have to, come up with some good drinking games. […]

Forgot To Mention Scary Tunnel

Posted by Vicki on September 21st, 2014 under aspirations, Attitude, Exercise, fitness, friends & family, Funny things, inspiration, Lifestyle, philosophy
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While in scary tunnel, called The Paw Paw Tunnel, which is in Maryland on the way to Little Orleans, our final stop before returning home, I was reminded of Max’s journey on foot from somewhere in Maryland on Tow Path or Great Allegheny Passage to somewhere in PA. I actually think he started on GAP […]

Of Cutting Back And Etiquette

Posted by Vicki on September 1st, 2014 under aspirations, Attitude, Eating Behavior, friends & family, Funny things, weight, Weight Gain, weight management
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Ok. I realize that for the next three days – including today – before my WW meeting, I can cut back. I can cut out part of breakfast, which definitely can be excessive if not all that hungry, like this morning. Today, I did not have yogurt or all the Fiber One I usually have, […]

First Mutants: Pattern Recognition Savant And Claim To Fame Seasonal Resurgence

Posted by Vicki on May 29th, 2014 under fond memories, friends & family, Funny things, generosity, Healthy eating, love, weight management
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On my facebook status today, I posted a photo of several four leaf clovers and one five leaf clover. I found them all on my walk home from Weight Watchers this morning, a morning which threatened rain. My pattern recognition skills are formidable – every year, I easily find multiple four leaf clovers just by […]

Cats and Dogs

Posted by Vicki on March 30th, 2014 under Bunnies, cats, Funny things, love
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After many years of dabbling in pet ownership, with mice, gerbils, gerbil newborns, goldfish, baby turtles, box turtles, a tortoise, frogs, a chipmunk, orphaned tiny baby bunnies, geese, tadpoles, and including a failed attempt early in adulthood at kitten mommyhood, and even more years of living with a man who was previously deathly allergic to […]

Anatomy of A Binge

Posted by Vicki on February 16th, 2014 under Big FAT Bunnies, Eating Behavior, food!, Funny things, General, gluttony, Hate, Lifestyle, Nutrition, projects, weight, Weight Gain, weight management, Wellness
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As the reader is aware, i am prone to binge behavior, but as i have gotten older, i am able to bring my maturity and weight management strategies and tools to bear and pretty much avoid bingeing most of the time. The bingeing is different now than it used to be, partly because i make […]

All Atwitter

Posted by Vicki on February 8th, 2014 under Attitude, Eating Behavior, Exercise, fitness, food!, Funny things, howque?, priorities, weight management
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At Weight Watchers this week, I resolved that my new routine for the upcoming week – starting two days ago – was going to be “eat more slowly.” This would mean doing things like putting fork or spoon down between each bite, taking a sip of water before taking another bite, sitting and chatting between […]