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More Family Back Story

Posted by Vicki on December 21st, 2014 under fond memories, friends & family, Just Plain Mean, love, stupid
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After much phone tag, I finally reached Aunt Evelyn today. She is my Mom’s youngest sister. It must be very weird to be the only remaining sibling. My Dad was the youngest of three siblings, and they died in order of age, and that is what happened with Mom’s siblings, too. So Evelyn is the […]

Delusions of Grandeur

Posted by Vicki on July 28th, 2014 under aspirations, Attitude, Eating Behavior, Exercise, friends & family, Just Plain Mean, weight management
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Here we are, at Sarah Lawrence Admissions Office waiting room, on time for info session, which begins in 24 minutes. They have barely opened up the office and we are the only ones here other than the office opener! I think I have decided to drive to Barnard next instead of taking the train from […]

Never A Dull Moment

Posted by Vicki on November 24th, 2013 under craziness, Eating Behavior, Exercise, friends & family, irritation, Just Plain Mean, love, stress management, unmitigated frustration, weight management
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So far, so predictable, at least in terms of my own eating behavior. No sleeves of cookies or crackers were consumed, but I did take in about fifty PointsPlus and about 2500 calories yesterday, which was hardly compensated by the 15,000 steps I completed, including that hour on elliptical. I did so enjoy the food, […]

Game-Playing: a riff, and a riff on a riff

Posted by Vicki on July 20th, 2013 under Exercise, Just Plain Mean, Lifestyle, love, philosophy, reflections in a golden eye, strength, stress management, stupid, unmitigated frustration, venting, weight
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Coincidence: I am actually editing this post so putting this footnote at the beginning: I just now, perusing the NYTimes Sunday Magazine section after successfully I might add completing the xword puzzle, my eyes fell to an article (in the “riff” blue section of the zine) by a man named Stephen Marche, believe it or […]

Breaking Up Is (Not So) Hard To Do: Revision of Today’s Earlier Post

Posted by Vicki on March 3rd, 2013 under food!, Hate, Just Plain Mean
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More food prep. I am really on a roll! Made the zero PointsPlus WW soup, but get this: recipes for WW that contain only zero PointsPlus ingredients can add up to more than the sum of what you think would be the whole. My coleslaw recipe, por ejemplo, calls for six cups of shredded cabbage, […]

Weight Watchers Subject of the Week

Posted by Vicki on April 26th, 2012 under Attitude, Just Plain Mean, unmitigated frustration, venting, weight, weight management
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I still can’t believe it. It’s the first time in 12 years that I cried at a WW meeting! How lame is this? The subject of the week was me, I guess. And the topic was all about being your own bff, which I definitely am not. I am my own wef (worst enemy forever), […]

Family Dynamix — Still Eating, Venturing into Less Safe Territory

Posted by Vicki on April 7th, 2012 under Just Plain Mean, philosophy, Uncategorized
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First, just to elaborate on last post, by way of reassuring the gentle reader: the aforementioned reusable containers will, in fact, never be re-used, at least in their current iteration. They are, as I write, either deposited in the Springhill Suites dumpster (their contents had been disposed of in the customary and civilized manner befitting […]

Join The Club!

Posted by Vicki on February 5th, 2012 under Big FAT Bunnies, critique, Eating Behavior, Exercise, Just Plain Mean, Weight Gain
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Prior to enlightening the reader about this “club,” I would like to mention the vicissitudes of weight. Or, rather, my vicissitudes of weight. So much of the time, they make zero sense, and yet, are frustrating no end. 1. Finally, at my Wednesday weigh-in, I was 132.6, a loss in one week of 1.8 pounds. […]

Tribute To St. cb, The Long-Suffering and Highly Deserving Husby Of The Somewhat Less Saintly tb

Posted by Vicki on December 22nd, 2011 under Attitude, Just Plain Mean, love
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Cb is a saint, so from now on, after nearly 28 years of marriage and nearly 31 years of being together, I am going to try to express my appreciation in a single blogpost devoted entirely to him. It is time to give him some of the attention he deserves, and, believe me, what the […]

Thanksgiving 2011 — Installment II — “It Was Suicide.”

Posted by Vicki on November 25th, 2011 under Attitude, friends & family, Just Plain Mean, stress management, unmitigated frustration
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Not to compare myself in any egotistical way to Mark Twain, in fact, I would like very much to state herein lest the gentle reader not be left with the opinion (not that I care what the gentle reader thinks) that I feel superior in any way, which in fact, I do, but only in […]