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Sad, Snowy Superbowl Sunday

Posted by Vicki on February 1st, 2015 under aspirations, Attitude, being a doc, BodyChangers, career, compassion, fond memories, friends & family, howque?, on being a doctor, projects, strength, weight management
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But tomorrow is the turning point day! Groundhog Day! This is the only day in February I look forward to besides of course the last day of February, and this year, February I believe has inly 28 days, and daylight savings begins on March 8. Being outdoors in this weather is very nice when I […]

All Growed Up

Posted by Vicki on June 4th, 2014 under aspirations, Attitude, being a doc, inspiration, priorities, strength, venting

I was a grown up today. Which is why the airplane passengers rising en masse to their feet the instant the plane landed in Boston did not annoy me as much as usual. For the same reason, I was only mildly put out when, minutes after beginning our taxi-ing out of the gate while departing […]

GAP second installment: The Summit

Posted by Vicki on October 26th, 2013 under aspirations, Attitude, craziness, fitness, fond memories, friends & family, Lifestyle, love, Nutrition, philosophy, strength, stress management, weight, Weight Gain, Weight Loss, weight management, Wellness
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Spoiler Alert! We are safely home, completed the entire trip under the most adverse of conditions, including a bear sighting, and are happy we did it. The friendship with Grace and Stu and the two marriages have prevailed. The scale has been, in my case, kind. I have learned lots of things, and I want […]

Game-Playing: a riff, and a riff on a riff

Posted by Vicki on July 20th, 2013 under Exercise, Just Plain Mean, Lifestyle, love, philosophy, reflections in a golden eye, strength, stress management, stupid, unmitigated frustration, venting, weight
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Coincidence: I am actually editing this post so putting this footnote at the beginning: I just now, perusing the NYTimes Sunday Magazine section after successfully I might add completing the xword puzzle, my eyes fell to an article (in the “riff” blue section of the zine) by a man named Stephen Marche, believe it or […]

Runner’s High

Posted by Vicki on January 19th, 2013 under Exercise, strength, stress management, Wellness
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So many times, when I personally feel the benefits of exercise and being fit, at least for my age, I wish I had the key to persuading my patients who are couch potatoes and my friends and other friendly acquaintances who are couch potatoes to just try it, and not just once, but to give […]

Another “Mile”stone

Posted by Vicki on November 17th, 2012 under Exercise, fitness, inspiration, Lifestyle, strength, Weight Gain, Weight Loss, weight management, Wellness
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Well, my friend Jenny blew me off at the last minute today. We were supposed to go for a five mile run At 11 a.m., but she decided to go earlier with Don and their dogs, Striker [their old dog who can’t really run too well anymore) and Luna (their very young just out of […]

All Intense And Purposes

Posted by Vicki on August 13th, 2012 under Attitude, Eating Behavior, Exercise, food!, Healthy eating, strength, stress management, weight, weight management, Wellness
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My brother, Curtis, tells me I am the most intense person he knows.  This seems to be his focus of teasing this vac, which, in the scheme of things, is pretty benign, since beieng intense is something I pride myself on.  I do not mind that “laid back” is not a term anyone would ever […]


Posted by Vicki on May 17th, 2012 under creations, fitness, inspiration, Lifestyle, projects, strength, Wellness
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It happened. I finally did it! This morning, at about 6:35 a.m., I said to Molly G., my personal trainer, “Let’s start with the pullups today.”. I was ready, for the first time, to try an unassisted pullup at the gym. I had done a few unassisteds at home, but these start with my feet […]

Whatever I Wanted, Pretty Much, Came With Quite A Hefty Pricetag; Plus: Karen is an Athlete!

Posted by Vicki on May 13th, 2012 under Exercise, fitness, friends & family, inspiration, strength
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Mother’s Day, 2012, I did pretty much what I wanted. In fact thos was True the whole weekend. I literally took the days and ran with them. A vey athletic weekend: triathlon training Saturday and Komen today. Despite the major three hour workout of yesterday, this was the first weekend in a long time in […]

A Yittoo Yegged-Out

Posted by Vicki on May 12th, 2012 under Attitude, Exercise, fitness, inspiration, strength, Wellness
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