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Third Annual Fashion Show: Summer Sizzler

Posted by Vicki on June 14th, 2015 under aspirations, Attitude, Eating Behavior, Exercise, Fashion, fitness, fond memories, food!, friends & family, Healthy eating, inspiration, irritation, Lifestyle, love, Nutrition, weight, Weight Gain, Weight Loss, weight management, Wellness
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It was a success! Did not quite meet my goal of 100 participants, but almost got there this year! Next year we will do it. The models looked ravishing. once again, we held it at The Herberman Conference Center at Shadyside Hospital, which is a perfect venue. The biggest difference this year was that three […]

Identity Theft

Posted by Vicki on July 13th, 2014 under creations, Eating Behavior, Exercise, Fashion, Healthy eating
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If you do not have an account with a store, they want you to sign up so they give you these big sale incentives, like the one at Nordstrom’s yesterday. I usually do not like credit cards because you get millions of bills every month instead of just one and you have to keep track […]


Posted by Vicki on February 22nd, 2014 under aspirations, being a doc, Big FAT Bunnies, BodyChangers, craziness, Exercise, Fashion, fitness, Lifestyle
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Although I am a little nervous about going out for a run for the first time in months today, blogging this early is not a delay tactic. i am intentionally waiting till it gets a tiny bit warmer – before lunch, but maybe in an hour, hour and a half. I am nervous because it […]

Over All . . .

Posted by Vicki on February 9th, 2014 under Big FAT Bunnies, Fashion, fitness, vanity
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Disclosure: The following superficial post is even more so than usual. This was not the author’s original intention. On many occasions, author plans to write about one thing, but fingers end up taking another direction entirely, and let it be said, much to the author’s chagrin. Author’s mortification at publication of her thought processes, trivial […]

Going Rogue

Posted by Vicki on November 23rd, 2013 under Eating Behavior, Fashion, food!, friends & family, vanity, weight
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First post in a week! It has been impossible to get back to these beloved virtual pages until now, such a flurry of activity has there been, what with the on-call weekend, long work days, evening meetings, Thursday meetings, packing and driving once again to NY. The reader will recall, we are not making our […]

The Classic Cat: Catja By The Window

Posted by Vicki on November 14th, 2013 under Big FAT Kitties, BodyChangers, cats, Exercise, Fashion, fitness, friends & family, Funny things, weight management
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Catja sits by the window waiting for her Daddy to come home. When she hears his car door slam, she seems to know it is his among the many slammed car doors in our neighborhood, because she will jump off the window sill and run to the front door. I do not know how she […]

GAP Third Installment: All’s Well That Ends Well

Posted by Vicki on October 27th, 2013 under aspirations, Attitude, BodyChangers, Eating Behavior, Exercise, Fashion, fitness, fond memories, food!, friends & family, Lifestyle, weight, Weight Gain, Weight Loss, weight management, Wellness
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If I can ride through rain and snow, wind and hail, uphill and in the cold, so can you! Remember the exhilaration of that first bike ride on your own as a child? On that day for my son Woody, when he was all of six or seven years old, he summed it up perfectly: […]


Posted by Vicki on July 31st, 2013 under Eating Behavior, Fashion, fitness, Lifestyle, projects, vanity
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The skin above my upper lip has begun to peel a little bit. I am not sure the whole face is apeeling yet, but there seems to be some action that I had not noticed until today. Otherwise I cannot really see much of a difference in my face yet. It probably takes a few […]

How Was It? You Want To Know

Posted by Vicki on July 30th, 2013 under Attitude, Fashion, fitness, projects, weight, Wellness
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Should we, from a BodyChangers standpoint, call it “facial fitness?” Why not? I wonder what Dr. Gusenoff would have to say about that! Before I describe the whole unashamedly vain chemical peel experience, though, I would like to illustrate how, no matter how long a to-do list I compile, I always manage to miss something […]

First Day of Vac

Posted by Vicki on July 25th, 2013 under Attitude, Eating Behavior, Exercise, Fashion, food!, friends & family, General, Lifestyle, love, priorities, projects, Weight Gain, Weight Loss, weight management
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Not sure what this post is going to be predominantly about, if anything, so thought I would spread it out into multiple categories which may, in fact, turn out to be irrelevant. The first day of vac, it is hard to get used to it really being a vac, especially if the first few days […]