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BodyChangers Changes Itself

Posted by Vicki on November 8th, 2014 under aspirations, Attitude, BodyChangers, career, craziness, critique, Exercise, fitness, food!, friends & family, Healthy eating, inspiration, Lifestyle, Nutrition, on being a doctor, philosophy, reflections in a golden eye, weight management, Wellness
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BodyChangers, the entity Jeff Gusenoff and I started I believe almost three hears ago, with the premise that enjoyable social interaction in the setting of events and activities which promote healthy lifestyles would help peops achieve and maintain healthy weights has definitely enjoyed a following. I face, we maintain a mailing list of nearly 1,000 […]

American Idiot

Posted by Vicki on August 17th, 2013 under critique, Exercise, food!, friends & family, irritation, sarcasm, screed, stupid, venting
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cb is away now. He left yesterday for Oglebay, in West Virginia, where he is running the MSTP annual retreat. I miss him, of course. He says he will be home tomorrow at 1 pm. How nice it will be to have him back home! I decided to spend my day in utter and blissful […]

Isn’t it Ironic?

Posted by Vicki on November 18th, 2012 under Attitude, critique, Eating Behavior, Exercise, Fashion, fitness, venting, weight, Weight Loss, weight management, Wellness
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I just got annoyed by a few ridiculous articles in The New York Times Sunday Review section, and also some of the main section articles were rather irritating. I am not going to get into a major analysis as to exactly what bothered me because I have no desire to provide a scholarly critique. But […]

The Heart Walk

Posted by Vicki on November 3rd, 2012 under Attitude, BodyChangers, compassion, critique, Exercise, fitness, friends & family, irritation, priorities, sarcasm, screed, unmitigated frustration
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My heart goes out to those suffering in my home state. My wishes for a speedy return to normalcy to everyone, and special thoughts to Janice and Steve, Jimmy and Guzzy, Ronnie and Marjorie. The ideas of no light or eat, no shower, no hot water, no gasoline, being trapped in the dark and the […]

Busyness Is Next To Godliness PLUS An Almost Announcement!

Posted by Vicki on July 1st, 2012 under Attitude, critique, reflections in a golden eye
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Let’s start with the almost announcement.  I almost think I am ready to sign up — make a commitment — to attend at least the dinner for the Ardsley High School reunion.  I have no interest whatsoever in going on a high school tour — what for?  Going through hs once was quite enough, thank […]

Spoiler Alert: SCREED!!! Or, On The Stupid, Cowlike, Self-Centered American Public And Their Take On The Health Care Law

Posted by Vicki on June 30th, 2012 under Attitude, being a doc, compassion, critique, screed
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I am a doctor, and, horror of horrors, I LOVE the fact that Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act was upheld by the Supreme Court, and, not only that, while my opinion of Chief Justice Roberts hasn’t changed a whole hell of a lot, he has definitely earned a point in his favor, not only because […]

Wipe, Flush & Wash. In that order, please, ladies!

Posted by Vicki on June 17th, 2012 under Attitude, critique, unmitigated frustration
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I am burning the midnight oil, although here in San Diego (it’s cold here!  66 degrees when the plane touched the tarmac!)  it is only about 8:30 pm.  I started my day in Pittsburgh, 6 am their time (my time, actually) and now it is 11:30 my time and I am still going strong. In […]

Short & Sweet? Or Quick & Dirty? Depends if you are wearing white.

Posted by Vicki on May 7th, 2012 under Attitude, being a doc, critique, sarcasm, stress management, unmitigated frustration, venting
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Despite I t being late, and despite wanting to read and answer a few of the MKSAP questions, I feel like posting something. I have a few things on my mind and need to vent. Not that today was a bad day; for a Monday, it wasn’t at all. It started out on a note, […]

Join The Club!

Posted by Vicki on February 5th, 2012 under Big FAT Bunnies, critique, Eating Behavior, Exercise, Just Plain Mean, Weight Gain
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Prior to enlightening the reader about this “club,” I would like to mention the vicissitudes of weight. Or, rather, my vicissitudes of weight. So much of the time, they make zero sense, and yet, are frustrating no end. 1. Finally, at my Wednesday weigh-in, I was 132.6, a loss in one week of 1.8 pounds. […]

All’s Well That Ends Well. . .Well, As Well As Possible, Given The Circumstances. . .

Posted by Vicki on August 18th, 2011 under Attitude, critique, friends & family, love, philosophy
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I did not hold my breath, but Pam did call me back within about two hours of my phone call to her. Over the years, I have had role models of how to and how not to act when you want something. It used to be that I would dread confrontations with people, but I […]