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Still Here!

Posted by Vicki on August 30th, 2015 under Attitude, Exercise, fitness, friends & family, love
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Our empty nest is not so bad. It is really not that much different, to be honest, because Mollie had not spent all that much time at home this summer anyhow. It has been very busy what with being back to work and exercising and helping cb with the party he gave yesterday for some […]

Our Last One: She’s Leaving Home, Bye Bye

Posted by Vicki on August 22nd, 2015 under Attitude, fond memories, friends & family, howque?, Lifestyle, love, philosophy, priorities, stress management, venting, Wellness
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Tuesday is the day we transport Mollie and her belongings to the other side of the state, and these are the last days of having her live with us in the way she has since she was born more than 18 years ago. Each time one of our kids trundled off to college, I felt […]

Taking A Little Break

Posted by Vicki on July 31st, 2015 under aspirations, Attitude, Bunnies, cats, Exercise, fond memories, friends & family
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So as my readers who are on facebook already know, the bunnies died. We did get them to a person who brought them to the wildlife center where injured and/or orphaned wild animals are cared for until ready to be released into the wilderness, and they lived for a short while, but ultimately did succumb, […]

Non-Food Indulgence

Posted by Vicki on July 16th, 2015 under aspirations, Attitude, Exercise, fitness
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I do not put myself last, something which may be considered unseemly for a woman, even a woman of the millenium, even in the U.S. Nor do I put myself first the majority of the time. Although I believe I am a ways in some part of my brain considering my needs, like when and […]

Old Responses To Small People

Posted by Vicki on July 11th, 2015 under aspirations, Attitude
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So much of our behavior is based on our previous behaviors, starting way back in toddlerhood. As so many who have known me over the years are aware, I was always a little on the jumpy side, easily intimidated, tightly wound, always apologetic. Of course, this persona is usually not only kept under wraps these […]

Longest Days

Posted by Vicki on June 22nd, 2015 under aspirations, Attitude, friends & family, love
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The summer solstice is always bittersweet, like so many things. The longest day is the best day but you know that all days from now till December 20 or so will be progressively shorter. Thinking about the short days and the cold weather makes me so sad, and wishing I did not have to be […]

Boston Long Wharf

Posted by Vicki on June 19th, 2015 under aspirations, Attitude, being a doc, weight management, Wellness
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My last night in Boston and home tomorrow late afternoon, if my plane is on time (at least it is a direct flight) and does not crash or experience any other unfortunate glitches. I have pretty much enjoyed my time here, and the conference. Very intense conference – ended at 8 tonight. From six something […]

Third Annual Fashion Show: Summer Sizzler

Posted by Vicki on June 14th, 2015 under aspirations, Attitude, Eating Behavior, Exercise, Fashion, fitness, fond memories, food!, friends & family, Healthy eating, inspiration, irritation, Lifestyle, love, Nutrition, weight, Weight Gain, Weight Loss, weight management, Wellness
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It was a success! Did not quite meet my goal of 100 participants, but almost got there this year! Next year we will do it. The models looked ravishing. once again, we held it at The Herberman Conference Center at Shadyside Hospital, which is a perfect venue. The biggest difference this year was that three […]

Ups and Downs

Posted by Vicki on May 23rd, 2015 under Attitude, being a doc, friends & family, Lifestyle, love, philosophy
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Does anyone else find themselves going from states of rapturous joy and love of life to moments of wishing life were over? I have, always have, and still do. It is not bipolar disorder, but my moods are very dependent on my thoughts and worries. It is very rare that I am worry-free. I have […]


Posted by Vicki on May 7th, 2015 under aspirations, Attitude, being a doc, career, cats, fond memories, friends & family, high fidelity, Lifestyle, love, philosophy, reflections in a golden eye
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Griping about things does not mean I am not aware of my good fortune. In my case, I think everything good that has happened to me harkens back to being born into my particular family. If i had not had my parents and growing up environment, I doubt things would have turned out so well. […]